Truth Be Told

Season 5, episode 3 of Person of Interest

Truth Be Told
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Genres: Drama, Crime, Action, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Official sites: CBS [United States]

Reese's cover could be blown when he realizes the latest POI has ties to his old CIA colleague, Kara Stanton.

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Person­.of­.Interest­.S05E03­.HDTV­.XviD-FUM[ettv].txt   PL2016-05-16sub139
Person­.Of­.Interest­.S05E03­.Truth­.Be­.Told­.720p­.BluRay­   TR2016-07-19srt133
Person­.of­.Interest­.S05E03­.Truth­.Be­.Told­.1080p­.WEB-DL­.DD5­.1­   RO2016-05-24srt123
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Person of Interest   CS2016-05-30srt59
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Person­.of­.Interest­.S05E03­.Truth­.Be­.Told­.1080p­.WEB-DL­.DD5­.1­   EL2017-01-12srt37
Person­.of­.Interest­.S05E03­.BDRip­   CS2016-09-19srt22
person­.of­.interest­.503­.hdtv-lol[ettv]   IT2017-03-24srt13   FA2017-03-23srt7

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Truth Be Told

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In light of his recent downtime and advice from others, Reese explores the option of moving to the next step in his relationship with Iris, however knowing that he cannot divulge the true nature of his work to her, at least not yet. As the numbers from the Machine become more steady, he may have a clearer picture if he can maintain a work/life balance at this time. That next number belongs to Alex Duncan, a computer security expert working for a consulting company. As Reese infiltrates Alex's work life and learns his story including whether he is the victim or perpetrator, Reese will find that his own CIA past is mixed up in Alex's goings-on, most specifically with his old boss, Terence Beale. Reese has to figure out how to deal with this case in light of the fact that Beale and the CIA believe him to be dead, yet he is still committed to his work in helping the victim in this and any other case. Meanwhile, the Machine has placed Root in the undercover position of a courier driver. ...

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