'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous

Season 7, episode 4 of Gilmore Girls

'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous
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Genres: Comedy, Drama

Countries: USA

Released: Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Official sites: Official site, Official site

Lorelai and Christopher have begun to date, and although Lorelai is finding it difficult to fully commit to the relationship, Christopher keeps coming up with romantic dates to win her over. Back at Yale, Rory meets some eccentric new girlfriends at an art exhibit, and Richard becomes a guest ... more

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gilmore­.girls­.s07e04­.hdtv-lol­.[VTV].srt   EN2006-10-26srt17023 Download
Gilmore Girls - 07x04 - 'S wonderful, 'S marvelous­.Unspecified­.English­.orig.srt   EN2016-01-30srt0 Download
Gilmore Girls - 07x04 - 'S wonderful, 'S marvelous­.DVDRip iSLAND­.English­.orig.srt   EN2009-03-06srt0 Download
Gilmore Girls - 07x04 - 'S wonderful, 'S marvelous­.WEB-DL­.LP­.English­.orig.srt   EN2007-10-14srt0 Download
Gilmore Girls - S07E04 - 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous.srt   EN2015-07-14srt1861
Gilmore­.Girls­.S07E04­.'S­.Wonderful­.'S­.Marvelous­.DVDRip­.XviD-iSLAND.srt   EN2008-10-08srt1741
Gilmore Girls - 07x04 - 'S wonderful, 'S marvelous­.Unspecified­.Spanish­.orig.srt   ES2016-06-30srt0 Download
Gilmore Girls - 07x04 - 'S wonderful, 'S marvelous­.HDTV­.XVID­.Portuguese (Brazilian)­.orig.srt   PB2011-08-04srt0 Download
Gilmore Girls Temp­. 7 Cap­. 04 Wonderful 's Marvelous.srt   ES2007-08-05srt3271
gilmore­.girls­.s07e04­.hdtv-lol­.[VTV]-srp.srt   HR2013-02-28srt858
GG.7x04-gpc.srt HI  PB2006-11-06srt710
704.srt   RO2010-09-01srt647
Gilmore Girls S07E04.srt   FR2009-02-15srt480
gilmore­.girls­.s07e04­.hdtv-lol­.[VTV].txt   PL2009-01-12sub379
Gilmore Girls - 7x04 - 'S Wonderful 'S Marvelous­.HDTV­.gr.srt   EL2012-03-12srt372
7x04 - 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous.srt   HU2010-10-09srt371
Gilmore Girls - 7x04 - ' S Wonderful, ' S Marvelous.srt   CS2007-02-19srt338
gilmore­.girls­.s07e04­.hdtv-lol­.[VTV].srt   CS2006-11-28srt292
[Sub-Ita].Gilmore.Girls.S07E04.srt   IT2006-12-17srt291
Gilmore Girls - 704.srt   BG2012-03-25srt280
DA692C6EBF851546171F6D00CC9BB868gg­.s07e04­.xvid-island­.srt­_123826324­.dlsubc   ES2011-04-19srt241
Gilmore Girls - 704.srt   BG2010-08-27srt204
Gilmore­.Girls­.704­.HDTVRip-lol­.(osloskop­.net).txt   PL2008-10-26sub167
Gilmore Girls - S07E04 - 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous.srt   HR2015-07-03srt163
[07x04] - 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous.txt   PL2009-02-20sub154
gilmore.girls.s07e04.hdtv-lol.srt   SK2007-08-05srt150
Gilmore Girls - S07E04 - 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous.srt   ES2016-01-21srt131
gilmore girls s07e04.srt   PB2016-07-04srt128
gilmore.girls.07.04.srt   CS2012-11-15srt115
Gilmore.Girls.S07E04.DE.25fps.srt   DE2016-02-22srt108
Gilmore Girls S07E04 HDTV XviD-LOL.srt   TR2010-11-26srt100
Gilmore­.Girls­.S07E04­.DVDRip­.FRENCH.srt   FR2012-04-17srt98
gg.s07e04.xvid-island.txt   PL2009-08-09sub90
Gilmore Girls - 7x04.srt   RU2010-08-22srt75
Gilmore Girls - 7x04 - 'S Wonderful 'S Marvelous­.fr.srt   FR2012-04-17srt66
gilmore girls s07e04.srt   PL2015-01-09srt52
Gilmore­.Girls­.S07E04­.'S­.Wonderful,'S­.Marvelous­.DVDRip­.XViD-iSLAND.srt   HU2013-05-05srt38
Gilmore Girls.S07E04.HI.DE.25fps.srt HI  DE2016-02-22srt30
Gilmore­.Girls­.S07E04­.DVDRip­.XviD-iSLAND.srt   TR2013-11-24srt16
Gilmore­.Girls­.S07E04­.DVDRip­.XviD-iSLAND-tur.srt   TR2013-05-08srt10

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