Farewell, My Pet

Season 7, episode 14 of Gilmore Girls

Farewell, My Pet
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Genres: Comedy, Drama

Countries: USA

Released: Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Official sites: Official site, Official site

Rory quickly develops a crush on Richard's replacement TA and feels compelled to confess the attraction to Logan. But she feels really bad about it and he completely understands and the two of them reassure each other that in the end they are crazy about each other. Meanwhile, Lorelai distracts ... more

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Gilmore Girls - 07x14 - Farewell, my pet­.Unspecified­.English­.orig.srt   EN2012-06-04srt0 Download
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gilmore.girls.714.hdtv.xvid.notv.srt   EN2007-02-27srt3744
Gilmore Girls - S07E14 - Farewell, My Pet-eng.srt   EN2015-12-17srt1775
Gilmore Girls - 07x14 - Farewell, my pet­.Unspecified­.Spanish­.orig.srt   ES2014-09-19srt0 Download
Gilmore Girls - 07x14 - Farewell, my pet­.HDTV­.XVID­.Portuguese (Brazilian)­.orig.srt   PB2012-07-14srt0 Download
gilmore­.girls­.s07e14­.hdtv­.xvid­.notv­.[VTV]-dut.srt   NL2014-05-28srt1090
gilmore girls s07e14.srt   HR2012-08-31srt826
Gilmore Girls Temp­. 7 Cap­. 14 Farewell My Pet.srt   ES2007-08-05srt731
Gilmore­.Girls­.S07E14­.HDTV­.XviD-NOTV.srt   PB2007-03-01srt726
Gilmore Girls - 714.srt   BG2010-09-06srt571
Gilmore Girls S07E14.srt   FR2009-02-15srt516
7x14 - Farewell, My Pet.srt   HU2010-10-17srt387
gilmore­.girls­.s07e14­.hdtv­.xvid­.notv­.[VTV]-rum.srt   RO2013-03-14srt361
gilmore girls s07e14-gre.srt   EL2013-03-21srt314
GG714.srt   CS2010-09-08srt306
[07x14] - Farewell, My Pet.txt   PL2009-04-03sub301
[Sub-Ita]­.Gilmore­.Girls­.7x14­.Farewell­.My­.Pet.srt   IT2007-02-23srt260
gilmore­.girls­.s07e14­.hdtv­.xvid­.notv­.[VTV].txt   PL2008-12-25sub237
gg.s07e14.xvid-island.srt   ES2011-07-05srt234
Gilmore Girls 07x14.srt   SK2007-03-09srt158
gilmore­.girls­.s07e14­.hdtv­.xvid-xor.srt   SR2013-03-27srt154
[07x14] - Farewell, My Pet.txt   PL2009-02-23sub128
Gilmore Girls - S07E14 - Farewell, My Pet.srt   ES2016-01-25srt120
gilmore­.girls­.s07e14­.hdtv­.xvid­.notv­.[VTV].txt   PL2008-12-31sub115
Gilmore­.Girls­.S07E14­.DVDRip­.FRENCH.srt   FR2012-04-17srt100
Gilmore Girls.S07E14.HI.DE.25fps.srt HI  DE2016-02-22srt99
Gilmore Girls - S07E14 - Farewell, My Pet-hrv.srt   HR2016-10-09srt96
gilmore­.girls­.s07e14­.hdtv­.xvid-xor.srt   SR2013-12-07srt89
Gilmore Girls - 7x14.srt   RU2010-08-23srt77
Gilmore Girls - 7x14 - Farewell My Pet­.fr.srt   FR2012-04-17srt62
Gilmore­.Girls­.S07E14­.DVDRip­.XviD-iSLAND.srt   TR2013-11-24srt59
Gilmore­.Girls­.S07E14­.Farewell,My­.Pet­.DVDRip­.XViD-iSLAND.srt   HU2013-05-11srt33
Gilmore Girls 7x14 - Farewell, My Pet.srt   TR2013-11-24srt12

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Farewell, My Pet

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