Prison Break: The Final Break

Prison Break: The Final Break
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Genres: Drama, Action, Thriller

Countries: USA

Released: Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Michael and Sara wed, but the happiness is short lived when the Feds apprehend her for the murder of Michael's mother, Christina. Once a hit is ordered on Sara, the team reunite to break out an increasing vulnerable Sara.

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Prison Break The Final Break 2009 720p BluRay ReEnc   PB2016-05-28srt1698
Prison­.Break­.The­.Final­.Break­.WS­.PDTV­   FI2013-12-10srt871
Prison­.Break­.The­.Final­.Break­.2009­.1080p­.BluRay­.H264­.AAC-RARBG­   EL2016-11-14srt473
Prison Break- The Final Break (2009)   PB2015-05-20srt431
Prison Break Final Break pal 25   RO2014-04-21srt394
Prison­.Break­.The­.Final­.Break­.2009­.1080p­.BluRay­.H264­.AAC-RARBG.txt   PL2016-07-21sub172
Prison Break- The Final Break (2009)-tur(1).srt   TR2015-05-11srt156
prison­.break­.s04e24­.hdtv­.xvid-bia­   TR2013-11-25srt151
prison­.break­.s04e23­.hdtv­.xvid-bia­   TR2013-11-25srt151
Prison Break The Final Break­.BRRip­.XviD­   SR2013-12-07srt124
prison­.break­.the­.final­.break-ilm­   TR2013-11-25srt122   HU2017-01-17srt114
Prison­.Break­.The­.Final­.Break­.2009­.SLOSubs­.DVDRip­   SL2016-08-07srt105
Prison­.Break­.The­.Final­.Break­.2009­.NORDiC­.1080p­.BluRay­   SV2017-04-18srt101
­.EgyBest­.Prison­.Break­.S04E22­.BluRay­.360p­   AR2017-06-02srt36
80603-Prison­.Break­.The­.Final­.Break­.WS­.PDTV­   BS2013-12-07srt24
Prison­.Break­.The­.Final­.Break­.2009­.BluRay­.720p­.x264­.AC3-CMCT­.¼òÌå.ass   ZE2014-12-16ssa23
Prison Break The Final Break 2009 720p BluRay nHD x264 NhaNc3.smi   KO2016-09-27smi22
Prison Break The Final Break WS PDTV   TH2012-12-30srt21
Prison­.Break­.The­.Final­.Break­.2009­.1080p­.BluRay­.H264­   PT2017-05-15srt17
Prison Break The Final Break­.DVDRip­   SR2013-12-07srt15
Prison­.Break­.The­.Final­.Break­.2009­.BluRay­.720p­.x264­.AC3-CMCT­.ÖÐÉÏÓ¢ÏÂ.ass   ZE2014-12-16ssa14
prison­.break­.s05e01­.1080p­.web­   RO2017-06-12srt10
Prison break Final break   TH2012-12-30srt10
Prison Break - The Final Break.sub   MK2013-12-07sub8
Prison Break The Final Break   MK2013-12-07srt6
The Final   SR2013-12-07srt6
Prison­.Break­.The­.Final­.Break­.2009­.BluRay­.720p­.x264­.AC3-CMCT­.Ó¢ÉÏÖÐÏÂ.ass   ZE2014-12-16ssa5
Prison­.Break­.The­.Final­.Break­.2009­.BluRay­.720p­.x264­.AC3-CMCT­.Ó¢ÎÄ.ass   ZE2014-12-16ssa4
Prison­.Break­.The­.Final­.Break­.2009­.BluRay­.720p­.x264­.AC3-CMCT­.·±Ìå.ass   ZE2014-12-16ssa3

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Two lovers have been through hell and back fighting for their lives. When they finally attempt to start a life, one is apprehended by the FBI for a murder that was actually self-defense. In prison, she becomes increasingly vulnerable. After a beat down from the guards and a bounty for her head, her husband reunites with old friends and attempts 'The Final Break'.

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