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Genres: Comedy, Drama, Crime

Countries: USA

Released: Friday, June 10, 2011

Official sites: Official site

After his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer, an everyday guy transforms himself into Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, but lacking in heroic skills.

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Super 2010 LIMITED All Blu-ray & BRRip HI  EN2011-07-25srt12400 Download
Super 2010 LIMITED All Blu-ray &   EN2011-07-27srt3012   EN2015-06-29srt1263
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Super­.LIMITED­.VOSTFR­.720p­.BDRip­.x264­   FR2012-01-24srt1964
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Frank Darrbo is a hapless fry cook. When his wife Sarah falls off the wagon and dumps him for Jacques, a drug dealer, Frank tries to get her back by reporting her kidnapped, grabbing her from Jacques' car, and wailing for her to return. After watching Christian TV and having a vision, he becomes a superhero to fight evil. He sews a costume, finds a weapon (a pipe wrench) and looks for crimes to stop. He has problems: his wrench inflicts real injury, so the cops want him for being a vigilante, his sense of boundaries is flawed, and Jacques' gang has guns. Libby, a clerk at a comic book store, becomes his sidekick, and it's time to go save Sarah. What chance do they have?

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