All Together

All Together
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Genres: Comedy, Drama

Countries: France, Germany

Released: Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Five old friends decide to move in together as an alternate to living in a retirement home; joining them is an ethnology student whose thesis is on the aging population.

Subtitles name LanguageAddedFormatDownloaded
Et­.Si­.On­.Vivait­.Tous­.Ensemble­.2011­.BRRip­.AC3­   PB2012-11-22srt2598
Et­.si­.on­.vivait­.tous­.ensemble­.(All­.Together­.2011)­.Retail­   NL2012-11-14srt1642
[www­.Cpasbien­.com] Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble 2012 FRENCH DvDRiP   ES2013-02-26srt1405
Et Si On Vivait Tous   PB2012-11-20srt1339
Et­.Si­.On­.Vivait­.Tous­.Ensemble­.2012­.FRENCH­.DVDRip­   PB2012-11-22srt1273
Et­.Si­.On­.Vivait­.Tous­.Ensemble­.2011­.FRENCH­.720p-1080p­.BluRay­   PB2012-11-22srt1153
Et­.Si­.On­.Vivait­.Tous­.Ensemble­.2011­.FRENCH­.720p­.BluRay­   CS2013-03-25srt1109
Et si on vivait tous ensemble (2012).srt   ES2013-03-01srt750
Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble 2012 FRENCH DvDRiP XVID-TFTD.txt   PL2013-05-12sub264
Et­.Si­.On­.Vivait­.Tous­.Ensemble­.2011­.BRRip­.AC3­.HORiZON-ArtSubs.txt   PL2013-06-10sub249
Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble 2011 - E se Vivêssemos Todos Juntos - All   PB2013-07-31srt243
Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble 2012­.srt.txt   EL2016-02-13srt212
[www­.Cpasbien­.com] Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble 2012 FRENCH DvDRiP   CS2013-10-02srt175
Et­.Si­.On­.Vivait­.Tous­.Ensemble­.2011­.CROSubs­.BRRip­   SR2014-10-08srt90
Et­.Si­.On­.ViVait­.Tous­.Ensemble­.2011­.BRRip­.AC3­   RO2016-02-20srt57
All Together (DT-2011).srt   DE2016-12-27srt27
Et­.Si­.On­.Vivait­.Tous­.Ensemble­.2011­.SLOSubs­.BRRip­   SL2014-10-07srt24

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All Together

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Annie, Jean, Claude, Albert and Jeanne have been friends for over forty years. But they are growing old and old age tends to be synonymous with reduced autonomy, loss of memory, illness, retirement home and, worst of all, separation. One day, one of the five friends suggests to say no to isolation and loneliness: what if they lived together?

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