The Rise

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The Rise
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Genres: Drama, Crime, Thriller

Countries: UK

Released: Friday, July 26, 2013

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A young man recently released from prison recruits his three best friends to rob the local drug kingpin who is responsible for his incarceration. Can he get revenge and win back his fed-up girlfriend?

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Wasteland­.2012­.HDRip­.x264­ HI  EN2013-07-11srt3893
The Rise [2012] BRRip HI  EN2013-10-02srt1556
The Rise 2012 720p BluRay   EN2013-10-02srt1493
Wasteland­.2012­.720p­.Web-DL­   EN2013-07-12srt1252
Wasteland­.2012­.720p­.Web-DL­ HI  EN2013-07-12srt951
The Rise 2012 720p BluRay x264-SONiDO­ HI  EN2013-10-02srt450
Wasteland (2012) 720p WEB DL H264   EN2013-07-28srt446
Wasteland 2012 WEBRip XViD   BG2013-10-26srt1078
Wasteland­_2012­_WEBRip­_XViD­   ES2013-08-17srt658
Wasteland 2012   PB2013-09-07srt600
The Rise 2012 720p BluRay   NL2013-10-04srt574
Wasteland 2012 WEBRip XViD juggs­.tradução­.sincronia­.normal­   PB2013-08-14srt481
wasteland­.2012­.720p­.web-dl­   RO2013-08-01srt449
The Rise [2012] BRRip   EL2013-10-28srt293
Hitler; The Rise of   ID2016-02-29srt259
The Rise [2012] BRRip   PB2013-10-04srt258   RO2013-10-15srt251
The­.Rise­.2012­.1080p-720p­.BluRay­   EL2013-10-28srt248   RO2013-10-16srt159
Wasteland­.(English­.Spanish­.SpanishSub)­.DVB-Rip­.XviD­.laxa­.(filibusteros­.com).srt   ES2014-11-02srt152   TR2013-09-08srt135
The­.Rise­.2012­.720p­.BluRay­.750MB­.ShAaNiG­.com­   ES2014-08-27srt117
The­.Rise­.2012­.1080p­.BluRay­.x264­   RO2013-10-03srt101   DA2013-12-25srt76
The Rise [2012] BRRip   HR2014-12-02srt72
Wasteland 2012 WEBRip XViD juggs­.tradução­.sincronia­.deficiente­.auditivo­ HI  PB2013-08-14srt69
The Rise [2012] BRRip   ET2014-02-26srt66
The Rise [2012] BRRip   CS2014-04-24srt62
The­.Rise­.2012­.DVDRIP­   PB2013-12-19srt50
Wasteland.2012.WEBRip.XViD.juggs.sub   SR2014-12-15srt34
The Rise aka Wasteland - srpski   SR2014-11-16srt25
The Rise [2012] BRRip   SL2014-10-16srt21   SR2014-12-15srt17
The­.Rise­.2012­.SLOSubs­.DVDRip­   SL2014-10-18srt13   BG2015-01-06srt7

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Battered, bruised and under arrest, Harvey Miller (Luke Treadaway) sits in a police interview room facing interrogation. Clutching a stack of eyewitness statements, Detective Inspector West (Timothy Spall) has no doubt in Harvey's part in a foiled robbery, and his subsequent attempted murder of local businessman Steven Roper. Denying everything, Harvey agrees to tell his version of events in full. We take in his release from prison a month earlier, and the malevolent, unjust act that put him in there. We see his emotional reunion with his sibling-like best friends, and the immovable loyalty they have for one another. We see the rekindling of a lost love, a second chance for two people meant for each other. We see the ingenious planning of the ill-fated robbery, the amazing twist, the shocking outcome and the real driving force behind it - retribution. What unfolds is an exhilarating, moving and hilarious story of loyalty, jealousy, friendship, revenge and the pursuit of happiness.

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