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Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Music, Adventure

Countries: USA

Released: Friday, February 15, 2002

Three childhood best friends, and a guy they just met, take a road trip across the country, finding themselves and their friendship in the process.

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Crossroads­.1986­.DVDRip­.XviD-SMoR­   PB2007-03-18srt1905
Crossroads.(2002)   FR2012-12-11srt1839   SV2005-03-01srt1824
Crossroads - Amigas para Sempre.txt   PB2002-08-05sub1763
cross-cd1.txt   PB2002-09-30srt1704
cross-cd2.txt   PB2002-09-30srt1704
[63384] Crossroads (2002).txt   ET2004-04-05sub1686
Crossroads.HR.txt   HR2002-08-16sub1643   FA2009-08-23srt1609   NO2002-11-17srt1607
Crossroads.sub   EL2003-02-02sub1581
Britney Spears - Crossroads (2002)-hun.SRT   HU2015-01-07srt1489
CrossRoads_HEB_By_IAS.sub   HE2002-09-27sub1459
crossroads cd1.txt   PL2008-02-06tmp1409
crossroads cd2.txt   PL2008-02-06tmp1409   NL2005-03-01srt1398   SL2013-12-06srt1396
Crossroads.sub   PT2003-05-23sub1325
Crossroads-DVDiVX-FMi.sub   FI2002-10-18sub1076
crossroads.sub   NL2002-08-06sub938
[51877] Crossroads (2002).sub   PT2004-03-05sub925
Warehouse­.13­.S04E09­.HDTV­   CS2012-11-06srt693
Cross   AR2006-03-15srt675
Crossroads Dutch   NL2002-08-17srt669   RO2009-04-18srt593   RO2002-10-02srt560   RO2005-03-01srt523
Crossroads hr.sub   HR2002-08-17sub513   NL2003-09-07srt494
Crossroads.sub   PB2002-10-07sub492
[65309] Crossroads (2002).sub   ES2004-04-05sub462
Warehouse­.13­.S04E08­.HDTV­   CS2012-11-05srt442
799_Crossroads.sub   SR2003-07-30sub423   HR2005-10-05srt423
Crossroads   HR2005-02-15srt410
Crossroads   HR2013-12-06srt399
1.sub   CS2004-08-20sub396
Crossroads (2002).sub   RO2003-02-01sub393
Crossroads.sub   DA2003-03-25sub387
crossroads.sub   CS2005-03-01sub358
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Crossroads.sub   EL2002-12-17sub351
[59989] Crossroads (2002).sub   DA2004-04-05sub351
Crossroads (1986).srt   RO2005-04-14srt345
[63995] Crossroads (2002).txt   RO2004-04-05sub338
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Crossroads-(1986).srt   SV2003-06-03srt280
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Crossroads.txt   ES2002-07-14sub252
[65205] Crossroads (2002).sub   CS2004-04-05sub248
Crossroads.sub   HE2008-02-07sub246
Crossroads.sub   PB2002-08-04sub234
[64027] Crossroads (2002).txt   RO2004-04-05sub210
Britney Spears-Crossroads.txt   PL2009-01-19sub197
Crossroads_SLO.sub HI  SL2002-08-12sub195   SV2002-08-02srt195
Crossroads.sub   EL2003-06-22sub191
Crossroads.sub   EL2010-10-05sub181
Crossroads - [TR].txt   TR2004-03-04sub176   ES2003-02-18srt168
Crossroads.sub   BG2002-08-27sub167
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[60423] Crossroads (2002).sub   ES2004-04-05sub136
crossroads.txt   PL2008-02-06sub126
Crossroads (729 174 016 bytes).sub   ET2010-10-15sub121   CS2002-08-20srt119
Crossroads (Hebrew).sub   HE2003-06-04sub116
[64811] Crossroads (2002).srt   ES2004-04-05srt115
[65072] Crossroads (2002).sub   ES2004-04-05sub114
CR-esp.sub   ES2002-07-17sub114
Crossroads-Traduccion By Zeuskid.txt   ES2002-07-17sub113   SV2004-02-14srt111
Crossroads.txt   PL2009-03-06sub111
[58895] Crossroads (2002).sub   HE2004-04-05sub108
Crossroads.sub   RO2004-01-02sub108
Crossroads.txt   ET2002-08-04sub106   ES2002-09-06srt105
Warehouse 13   CS2013-02-10srt105
Crossroads.(2002)   ES2002-08-09srt102
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Crossroads.sub   HE2003-01-24sub101
Crossroads.HR.txt   BS2016-01-10sub96
[65295] Crossroads (2002).sub   ES2004-04-05sub96
crossroads {crossroads - dogoniÕ marzenia}.txt   PL2008-02-06sub85
crossroads1time.txt   PL2008-10-15tmp80
Crossroads-Traduccion By Zeuskid.txt   ES2002-07-16sub77
Crossroads.txt   PL2008-10-22tmp77
Crossroads.txt   PL2009-01-02sub77
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Crossroads (1986).srt   SR2013-12-06srt57
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Crossroads.sub   HR2013-12-06sub39   SR2013-12-06srt37
crossroads-dvdivx-fmi.txt   PL2008-02-06sub34
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Crossroads­.2002­.WEBRip­   EL2017-04-20srt21

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Three best friends get together and bury a box, making a pact to open it at midnight at their high school graduation. In the small town in Georgia that they live in, things soon change. One is little miss perfect, one is an engaged prom queen, and the other is a pregnant outcast. On the night of their graduation, they open the box and they strike up a conversation. Suddenly, one brings up the topic of her going to Los Angeles for a record contract audition. They all decide to go together and they leave. With a little money, they set out on the road with a guy named Ben. When one of them tells the other a rumor that he might be a homicidal maniac, they are all scared of him. When they reach Los Angeles, Lucy (Britney Spears) falls in love with Ben and against her father's wishes, she stays and she goes to the audition.

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