Her Husband's Betrayal

Her Husband's Betrayal
Internet Movie Database

Genres: Drama, Crime, Thriller

Countries: Canada

Released: Friday, August 2, 2013

Official sites: Lifetime Official Site

A suspicious woman spies on her husband, only to find he has committed a murder and framed her for it.

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Her Husband's Betrayal

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Cathy Coulter is looking forward to a bright future with new husband Riley and her son Billy. Settled in their new home, Cathy becomes disheartened with Riley's frequent work trips and her intuition tells her something is amiss. When Riley leaves for his next job, Cathy follows him...all the way to another family's home! When Cathy storms in to confront him, she finds a dead body and receives a call from Riley saying she must confess to the crime or her son will be killed. With the police hot on her tail, Cathy goes on the run to unearth the truth before it is too late to save her son.

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