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Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Countries: USA

Released: Friday, October 28, 2005

Official sites: Official site [Russia], Universal [United States]

A career driven professional from Manhattan is wooed by a young painter, who also happens to be the son of her psychoanalyst.

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Prime [DVDRip] Eng [2005]   EN2011-03-07srt821
Prime   EN2008-11-23srt757   EN2012-01-31srt531   FR2005-03-01srt2943   SL2005-03-01srt2549   ES2010-09-11srt2194
Prime [DVDRip] Eng [2005]   PB2007-03-05srt2191   CS2005-03-01srt2165
Prime­.2005­.Custom­.NL­.Subbed­.PAL­.DVDSCR­   NL2005-03-01srt2066
prime.dvdscr.xvid.txt   PL2005-03-01sub2064   HU2007-12-26srt1775
Prime (2005) - DiAMOND   HR2006-03-25srt1741   HE2006-03-30srt1478   IT2007-10-09srt1353
Prime - Swedish (25FPS).srt HI  SV2006-08-14srt1213
Prime - Danish (25FPS).srt   DA2006-08-14srt1212   SL2006-03-26srt1204
Prime (usa2005)   ET2007-07-27srt1202   FA2009-05-06srt1162   BS2014-12-21srt1081
Prime - Norwegian (25FPS).srt   NO2006-08-14srt1015
Prime (2006).srt   RO2009-03-11sub998   ES2005-03-01srt981   IS2012-06-19srt947   RU2013-04-30srt941
Prime.txt   SK2011-08-14sub939   ZH2013-05-14srt938
Prime­.2005­.720p­.BluRay­   TR2013-07-16srt922   SL2005-03-01srt912   EL2006-04-17srt807   SR2006-03-12srt807   PT2006-03-12srt779
Prime 2005 720p BRRip [A Release-Lounge H264]   PB2013-05-23srt775 HI  PB2006-12-10srt770
Prime­.2005­.CUSTOM­.NL­.SUBBED­   NL2005-03-01srt764
Prime­.DVDRip­.XviD-DiAMOND­_djj­.home­.sapo­   PB2006-10-24srt716
Prime.sub   RO2009-11-17sub706   FR2005-03-01srt630   HU2009-04-16srt619
(2005)   CS2007-09-11srt590
prime­.2005­.dvdscr­.xvid­.ac3­.cd1-wivx.txt   PL2005-03-01sub562
prime­.2005­.dvdscr­.xvid­.ac3­.cd2-wivx.txt   PL2005-03-01sub562
Prime.sub   CS2006-12-24sub530
dmd-prime.txt   PL2008-10-18sub442
Prime - Finnish (25FPS).srt   FI2006-08-14srt432
Saraband (2003) Ingmar Bergman­   ES2009-08-13srt420   RO2010-11-06srt405   SR2005-03-01srt384
Prime­.2005­.1080p­.BluRay­.x264­   ES2015-08-10srt376   AR2006-10-24srt366   HR2005-03-01srt366
Prime.DVDSCR.XViD.txt   PL2009-01-13sub355   NL2015-05-02srt346
Prime 2005 720p BRRip [A Release-Lounge H264].srt   PT2013-09-08srt335
Prime 2005 720p BRRip [A Release-Lounge H264]   AR2014-07-26srt317
Prime­.2005­.DVDSCR­.XViD-LEGACY­.[Tugamania­.com].srt   NL2009-03-26srt309
Prime.txt   PL2008-10-29tmp300
dmd-prime.txt   PL2009-01-25sub295   EL2015-05-05srt293   CS2007-03-20srt292   BG2008-02-02srt292   NL2005-03-01srt280
Prime­.2005­.DVDRip­.XviD­.AC3­   SL2006-04-02srt258
Prime­.2005­.DVDRip­.XviD­.AC3­   SL2006-04-02srt258   CS2011-01-11srt254
Prime 2005 720p BRRip A Release-Lounge H264­   HE2013-04-16srt244
p.txt   PL2008-12-12sub238
Prime [DVDRip] Eng [2005] -=Flint=-.ssa   ES2010-12-26ssa237   PB2013-08-13srt232
Saraband.txt   PL2008-11-14tmp224   ES2011-02-21srt213
Prime 2005 720p BRRip [A Release-Lounge H264].txt   PL2013-06-08tmp191
Prime 2005 720p BRRip [A Release-Lounge H264].txt   PL2015-08-26tmp183
Prime­.2005­.720p­.BluRay­   HU2013-02-21srt165   BG2010-09-25srt159
Prime (2005).srt   SR2011-03-25srt120
Prime­.DVDRip­.XviD-DiAMOND­.DivXPLANET­   TR2010-10-15srt117   HE2011-01-25srt102
Prime [DVDRip] Eng [2005]   HR2013-05-22srt100
Prime (2005) 1080p BrRip x264 -   ES2015-04-30srt88   FI2013-07-25srt74   AR2013-08-21srt73
Prime.2005.DivX.NeRoZ-bul.sub   BG2013-06-16sub72
Prime 2005 720p BRRip [A Release-Lounge H264]   ES2015-04-27srt62   DA2010-08-27srt59   HE2014-03-27srt55   AR2015-10-09srt48
Prime   SL2013-11-10srt45
Prime­.2005­.SLOubs­.DVDRip­   SL2010-12-07srt44
Prime [DVDRip] Eng [2005]   TR2013-06-12srt41   RU2014-05-07srt40
Prime­.2005­.1080p­.BluRay­.x264­   BS2017-02-19srt23   BS2016-02-20srt20   DA2016-01-02srt17
prime 2005.sub   HR2016-11-09sub12

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In colorful, bustling modern-day Manhattan, Rafi Gardet, a beautiful 37-year-old photography producer reeling from a recent divorce, meets David Bloomberg, a handsome 23-year-old painter recently out of college. Rafi's therapist, Dr. Lisa Metzger, who is working to help Rafi overcome her fears of intimacy, finds out that Rafi's new lover is--unfortunately for Lisa--her only son, David. Both David and Rafi must contend with their 14-year age gap, vastly different backgrounds and the demands of David's traditional mother. Despite their intense attraction, the charmed couple soon realizes that vastly different ages and backgrounds create much conflict. A Jewish hip-hop lover and closet painter who still lives with his grandparents, David has little in common with Rafi--a non-practicing Catholic from a wealthy, broken family who travels in the sophisticated, high-end world of fashion.

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