Confessions of an American Bride

Confessions of an American Bride
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Genres: Comedy, Romance

Countries: USA

Released: Monday, May 9, 2005

Official sites: Lifetime [United States]

Sam (Shannon Elizabeth), a soon-to-be bride, faces a dilemma when an old college crush comes back into her life... Who will she choose?

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Confessions of an American   EN2005-09-27srt428
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Confessions­.Of­.An­.American­.Bride­.2005­.DVDRiP­   NL2005-03-01srt195
Confessions­.of­.an­.American­.Bride­.2005­.dvdrip­   PB2005-08-29srt166
Confessions of an American Bride (2005)­_spa.sub   ES2005-09-24sub142
confessions­.of­.an­.american­.bride­.2005­.dvdrip­.xvid.txt   PL2005-03-01sub103
Confessions Of An American Bride   ES2005-09-22srt78
Confessions of an American Bride (2005)­_bul.sub   BG2005-09-24sub47
Confessions of an American Bride (2005)­_heb.sub   HE2005-09-24sub41
confessions­.of­.an­.american­.bride­.2005­.dvdrip­.xvid-dvf­   HE2008-02-07srt37
confessions­.of­.an­.american­.bride­.2005­.dvdrip­.xvid.txt   PL2008-02-07sub36
Confessions­.Of­.An­.American­.Bride­.2005­.DVDRip­   HE2008-02-08srt35
dvf-coaab-xvid.sub   BG2010-09-25sub32
Confessions Of An American Bride.sub   BS2013-03-22sub30

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Confessions of an American Bride

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Young career woman Samantha 'Sam' Hoyt gets swept off her feet by Benjamin 'Ben' Rosen, who romances her better than anyone before, so she jumps at the offer of becoming his fiancée. If Ben thought a girl's typical obsession with the perfect wedding was testing, she soon proves a particularly bad case; and before he gets used to that, meeting each other's parents complicates things gravely, as Jewish and church wedding traditions don't exactly mix easily. They take their time preparing while living together. Then fate strikes again: the key man from the client of her firm's advertising campaign is Luke Stinson, the perfect guy at college whom she could never date because of a rather serious fall just when they could have kissed. Luke proves still as irresistible, gorgeous, charming, easy-going and simply too sexy for any female not to lust for at first sight, and actually confides in her he asked for her on the campaign because he considers her the one attractive girl who got away. ...

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