Innamorato pazzo

Innamorato pazzo
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Genres: Comedy, Romance

Countries: Italy

Released: Friday, December 18, 1981

Barnaba, a rude bus driver who enjoys the attention of women, one day meets Principessa Cristina, the princess of a local principality.

Subtitles name LanguageAddedFormatDownloaded
Innamorato Pazzo (1981).srt   EN2009-08-29srt1252
Innamorato   IT2007-11-25srt1084
[DivX - ITA] Adriano Celentano - Innamorato HI  HU2009-06-22srt301
Innamorato Pazzo (1981).srt   EL2012-09-09srt201
innamorato   NL2007-04-04srt197
Innamorato pazzo (1981).sub   BG2011-01-08sub155
Innamorato HI  PT2010-04-03srt151
Innamorato pazzo (Madly in Love).srt   RU2013-10-24srt124
Zakochany wariat Innamorato pazzo(PL).srt HI  PL2010-12-29srt92
Innamorato   RO2013-06-29srt81
Innamorato pazzo (1981).srt   EL2014-07-15srt63
Innamorato   SR2011-12-22srt49
Zalubeny­_blazonInnamorato­_Pazzo­_OrigTaliansky­   CS2014-09-28srt49
Innamorato Pazzo (1981).srt   SK2013-08-07srt44
A - Innamorato Pazzo 1981 (Celentano Muti) DVDRip by   BG2013-10-18srt34

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Innamorato pazzo

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