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London Has Fallen
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Genres: Drama, Crime, Action, Thriller

Countries: USA, UK, Bulgaria

Released: Friday, March 4, 2016

Official sites: Official site [Germany], Official Facebook

In London for the Prime Minister's funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.

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Gerard Butler in London Has Fallen (2016)London Has Fallen (2016)Gerard Butler in London Has Fallen (2016)Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler in London Has Fallen (2016)Alon Aboutboul in London Has Fallen (2016)

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00:00:04,720 --> 00:00:08,921
Two gunmen have been shot dead after
they opened fire in a shopping center...

00:00:09,000 --> 00:00:13,002
As many as 80,000 residents of the city have
fled their homes to escape the shooting...

00:00:13,080 --> 00:00:14,969
Government forces
in the southern Philippines

00:00:15,040 --> 00:00:16,849
have launched an offensive against rebels

00:00:16,920 --> 00:00:20,524
as fighting escalates in this part
of Asia's largest Catholic country.

00:00:20,600 --> 00:00:23,206
A national day of mourning
in the Philippines

00:00:23,280 --> 00:00:27,285
after 44 police commandos
were killed in the line of duty

00:00:27,360 --> 00:00:29,362
when an anti-terror operation went wrong.

00:00:29,440 --> 00:00:31,283
Two hundred heavily armed separatists

00:00:31,360 --> 00:00:34,287
from the National Liberation Front
attacked the city of Zamboanga.

00:00:34,400 --> 00:00:37,404
The officers from the police
special action force were killed

00:00:37,480 --> 00:00:41,963
during an operation to capture
one of the most wanted terrorists.

00:01:07,240 --> 00:01:10,403
Philippine authorities now say
the toll in yesterday's hotel bombing

00:01:10,480 --> 00:01:14,121
has risen to 146 dead and 231 wounded.

00:01:14,200 --> 00:01:18,728
It is the most devastating
terrorist attack in Asia in 10 years

00:01:18,800 --> 00:01:20,768
and the worst ever in Manila.

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