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Pan's Labyrinth
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Genres: Drama, Fantasy, War

Countries: USA, Mexico, Spain

Released: Friday, January 19, 2007

Official sites: Official site [Spain], Official site

In the falangist Spain of 1944, the bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into an eerie but captivating fantasy world.

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00:00:43,382 --> 00:00:49,753
<i>Spain, 1944</i>

00:00:50,956 --> 00:00:52,324
<i>The Civil War is over.</i>

00:00:52,324 --> 00:00:54,459
<i>Hidden in the mountains,</i>

00:00:54,459 --> 00:00:56,662
<i>armed men are still fighting
the new Fascist regime.</i>

00:00:56,662 --> 00:00:58,926
<i>Military posts are established
to exterminate the Resistance.</i>

00:01:22,020 --> 00:01:25,820
A long time ago,

00:01:28,060 --> 00:01:32,861
in the Underground Realm,
where there are no lies or pain,

00:01:33,932 --> 00:01:37,925
there lived a princess who dreamt
of the human world.

00:01:39,938 --> 00:01:45,137
She dreamt of blue skies,
soft breeze and sunshine.

00:01:50,248 --> 00:01:51,442
One day,

00:01:52,184 --> 00:01:55,813
eluding her keepers,
the princess escaped.

00:02:00,692 --> 00:02:03,718
Once outside...

00:02:04,196 --> 00:02:07,825
the bright sun blinded her
and erased her memory.

00:02:10,769 --> 00:02:13,966
She forgot who she was
and where she came from.

00:02:14,439 --> 00:02:20,674
Her body suffered cold, sickness and pain.
And eventually she died.

00:02:22,013 --> 00:02:24,243
However, her father, the king,

00:02:24,549 --> 00:02:27,575

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