Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom English subtitles

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom
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Genres: Drama, War

Countries: France, Italy

Released: Saturday, January 10, 1976

Four fascist libertines round up nine adolescent boys and girls and subject them to one hundred and twenty days of physical, mental and sexual torture.

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Paolo Bonacelli, Giorgio Cataldi, Umberto Paolo Quintavalle, and Aldo Valletti in Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)Paolo Bonacelli, Caterina Boratto, Giorgio Cataldi, Elsa De Giorgi, Efisio Etzi, Rinaldo Missaglia, Antonio Orlando, Umberto Paolo Quintavalle, and Aldo Valletti in Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)Graziella Aniceto, Lamberto Book, Caterina Boratto, Umberto Chessari, Elsa De Giorgi, Dorit Henke, Faridah Malik, Franco Merli, Tatiana Mogilansky, Antiniska Nemour, Antonio Orlando, Sonia Saviange, and Hélène Surgère in Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (19Pier Paolo Pasolini in Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)

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{239}{364}SALO, or THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM
{637}{732}Male victims
{829}{924}Female victims
{4176}{4316}Written and directed by
{4380}{4521}Northern Italy, during the|Nazi-Fascist occupation
{4580}{4652}ANTE INFERNO
{5189}{5228}Your Excellency
{5717}{5756}Your Grace
{6203}{6268}All things are good when|taken to excess
{7149}{7196}Come on, let's go
{7757}{7796}Where are you going?
{8813}{8924}Claudio! Your scarf, my son!
{10724}{10780}Sorry, we're obeying orders
{11357}{11484}Marrying each others' daughters will|seal our destinies for ever
{11517}{11628}President, take as your lawful spouse|His Excellency's daughter, Tatiana
{11637}{11724}President, I will marry|your daughter, Susy
{11733}{11889}Your Excellency and my brother the|Bishop will marry my daughters
{11901}{11992}The preparations for our|undertaking are completed
{12149}{12268}In puberty's ambush, maidens bloom,|all unaware of impending doom
{12285}{12428}They listen to the radio, drink tea,|unaware they will lose their liberty
{12437}{12588}Bourgeois recoil not from slaughter|though victim be son and daughter
{13837}{13913}- What's this one's name?|- Claudio Cicchetti
{14309}{14388}- What is your name?|- Franco
{14399}{14437}I knew you'd consider him
{14453}{14492}A girl helped us catch him
{14509}{14604}The fool thought he was in for|romance, and ended up in a sack
{14693}{14772}- What is your name?|- Sergio
{14941}{15012}Shouldn't we inspect them?
{15029}{15059}Trousers down, shirts up
{15837}{15875}That will do
{17249}{17300}Lamberto Gobbi
{17316}{17380}Carlo Porro
{17395}{17508}Umberto Chessari... just look|at him, gentlemen
{17517}{17660}I waited two whole weeks|to ambush him
{17909}{18024}...and this is Ferruccio Tonna,|from Castelfranco
{18037}{18084}From a subversive family
{18309}{18388}The one with the curly hair,|Tonino Orlando
{18405}{18455}I know him
{18469}{18552}I've waited two Iong years for him
{18565}{18603}Your Excellency, please help me
{18629}{18716}His father was a senior judge,|like myself
{18725}{18804}A southerner, aren't you?
{18813}{18934}Don't expect me to deflower you.|In time we will decide..
{18949}{19028}...who will do you that|delightful honour
{19077}{19124}That's right, Tonino
{20564}{20593}Eva, come along
{20837}{20895}Try to behave yourself
{21125}{21204}Come, no one will harm you
{21213}{21332}Show these nice gentlemen|all your hidden charms
{21912}{21948}What a beauty
{21965}{22084}A delicious bum, solid yet bouncy
{22133}{22213}Tits to revive a dying cripple
{22221}{22279}Bring us another one
{22293}{22412}Signora Castelli, your turn.|The gentlemen are waiting
{23427}{23516}Please Iet me go home
{23577}{23628}Albertina's father is a professor|in Bologna
{23637}{23764}To slip her out of the convent school|we had to convince two nuns
{23781}{23850}You'll prefer us to the sisters,|won't you?
{23861}{23916}I don't know yet, sir
{23933}{23964}Very well, undress her
{24101}{24147}Just a moment
{24414}{24515}We didn't notice her blemish.|She's a pretty virgin, too
{24877}{25004}Don't you disgrace me,|I know your little tricks
{25184}{25250}We waited until she came out|with her mother...
{25261}{25372}...pushed the mother into the river,|where the damned fool drowned...
{25397}{25468}...right before this angel's eyes
{27167}{27244}There were nine boys, now only eight
{27253}{27396}Anyone know the difference between|"8", "no-no", and the family?

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