Spartacus: Gods of the Arena S01E04 English subtitles

Episode name: Beneath the Mask

Season 1, episode 4 of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

Beneath the Mask
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Genres: Biography, Adventure, Action

Countries: USA, Australia, New Zealand

Released: Friday, February 11, 2011

Official sites: Official site, Official Facebook

The younger Batiatus is having more than just a bit of difficulty accepting his father's ongoing - and seemingly permanent - presence at home. The patriarch refuses to take on the powerful Tullius and continually tells his son to learn his place. When Gaia sees someone she had once met in Rome, she ... more

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[34][49]Have him fuck this one.
[50][65]And I shall watch.</i>
[93][107]After I installed</i>|the virtues of</i>
[108][121]the house of Batiatus.
[122][142]I demand an introduction|immediately.
[142][156]I shall have this one.</i>
[174][190]I look forward to|seeing you at the games
[191][231]and your man Gannicus|upon my primus.
[232][257]Whatever Tullius and the boy</i>|may think I gained the primus</i>
[258][277]on merit of Gannicus' prowess.
[278][293]Gannicus will not</i>|appear in the games.</i>
[294][324]Today presents</i>|rare opportunity.</i>
[325][344]Auctus a man</i>|forged beneath my rule,</i>
[345][366]to face Crixus</i>|forged beneath yours.</i>
[367][390]The outcome to prove</i>|if son has learned</i>
[391][414]anything of worth from father.</i>
[415][444]It would appear</i>|i underestimated Crixus</i>
[445][471]as I did my son.</i>
[472][490]Oh I must stay at your side.
[490][503]You remain here.
[504][530]Ah huh, until breath|lees wearied flesh.
[728][746]Keep in line.</i>
[814][827]Chase me.
[835][853]this way.
[1105][1128]A net and trident?</i>
[1129][1157]The man appears more common</i>|fisherman than gladiator.</i>
[1158][1176]The style</i>|is called Retiarius,</i>
[1176][1192]carried from|the outer regions.
[1192][1202]They should carry it back.
[1203][1221]I favor the Murmillo.
[1264][1286]The crowd is|of the opposite opinion.
[1444][1480]Soon there will be a Retiarius|in the sands in every game.
[1480][1515]And the ludus absent|them tragically lacking.
[1515][1532]Very well.
[1533][1561]Yet place net and trident in|hands of one of our lesser man.
[1912][1931]And refused?
[1932][1953]Well, the pulvinus|is too far removed.
[1953][1977]I would witness the games here,|among the people.
[1978][1996]With son beside me.
[2112][2133]Your hour is upon you.</i>
[2188][2207]A fine blade.
[2225][2244]To be wielded|with deadly purpose.
[2244][2276]Re-form my words,|in manner Dagan understands.
[2296][2310]You bear the mark|of the brotherhood.
[2310][2330][in Aramaic]
[2331][2349]An honor you have not earned.
[2350][2366][in Aramaic]
[2366][2381]Your true test awaits you.</i>
[2396][2433]Live, and count|yourself among us.
[2449][2475]and prove yourselves|as unworthy as I suspect.
[2476][2506][in Aramaic]
[2545][2570]Dagan says he will honor|the House of Batiatus
[2571][2588]with gifts of blood.
[2602][2628]As will the mighty Ashur.
[2629][2649]And do not die too quickly.
[2823][2839]Go on Ashur!
[3230][3246]Go on!
[3307][3327]Fucking yes!
[3580][3605]Hasdrubal falls!
[3606][3643]As all men who face Ashur!
[3654][3674]The man assumes credit|owed his betters.
[3675][3704]He is but swollen|by the moment.
[3704][3730]Perhaps he will turn greater|performance next time.
[3741][3761]You speak of what|may never pass.
[3779][3801]Now the lesser matches|have passed,
[3801][3832]let us see something of note.
[3833][3866]Vettius, make presentation.
[3867][3914]I give the good people of Capua|this day my latest acquisition!
[3915][3936]Certain to inflame passion!
[3936][3966]And ignite fear|in all who oppose him!
[3967][3988]From the darkest lands|east of the Rhine...
[3989][4014]Behold Caburus!
[4100][4123]The crowd favors|Vettius' offering.

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