Upload subtitles


  1. Title ID is the number in URL address of title (movie, episode), https://www.happysubtitles.eu/movie/i451279-wonder-woman. We accept also whole URL address, IMDb ID tt451279 or whole IMDb URL address.
  2. Do not use TV Show ID for uploading subtitles for episode. It is forbidden.
  3. When Title ID is missing message appears, please check this ID on IMDb whether it exists or not. If it is correct, you can insert it here.

  4. Use proper filename - filenames are visible on website and users can search in them. Avoid uploading something like 22569.srt.
  5. Try to upload only .srt or .sub files. Other text formats are also allowed, but visitors prefer these types.
  6. Uploaded subtitles should be unique. Moderators can delete duplicate subtitles.
  7. If language of your subtitles or frame rate of video is not in the list which we provide, then let us know by email.
  8. Anyone can upload subtitles, but only registered members can update their subtitles(language, encoding, etc.) and earning points - you can register here.
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